Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not My Scene

So today my friends wanted to go and...use a closed down skatepark and told told them Breaking & Entering wasn't my scene so I stayed home. From what I heard it was awsome except for all the dust and the heat. Since it was closed down the AC wasn't on so it was way hotter than outside, everyone had to take off their shirts. They want to go back.
I met up wit them later on at andy's house. Well, just Eddie and Andy. Jose went home and Ryan went to his girlfriend's dad's house. We watched Simpsons and ate chicken, skated his box then headed to the Com Center. Nuff said.
I bet I'd have more to tell you if I went with them to the skatepark hehe suckers.
Welcome to the view of the safety cautious kid.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Into Deep Space

Ok not really, but we got that 250 Gigs installed and now I got so much space I don't even know what I'll do wit it all. Oh ya, we skated a lil earlier today not much to report. But DAMN 250 GBS?! My C drive has had 27 GBs forever, or at least since it was made. It's needed this.
*picks up wine glass* Here's to you C drive *clink*

Friday, July 29, 2005

Simple Post

The Bad: It rained today, so no skateboarding
The Good: Me and moms went and got 250 GB for this computer and I saw this waterfall thing next to the mall. I want to take a picture of it, its really a thing of wonder.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Breakin' in the Kingpin

Action: Today I got up around 10 am so me and moms can hit up a skateshop for a new skateboard and some parts, and we got em. We got the store brand deck because, 1. I'm a cheap bastard 2. I've ridden it before and it's not too shabby. The thing about it is its wide. Much wider than my other board. So it gonna take some serious getting to used too. I also got some new Vans, which were the same as my previous two pairs, but what can I say. I like the shoes.
After our outing, we went home and I took the wheels of my last deck (which have been on like 3-4 decks before that,) and put them on my new one wit some Reds bearings. Good bearings. Jimbo surprised me with a sudden visit and we killed some people GTA: S.A. Good wholesome fun. You have to try jumping from a flying car when it flying 20,00 feet over some water. It's great fun. Then Jimbo had to leave so we chilled at the bus stop then Ryan called, him and Moses are ready to skate some spot and they have some serious timing. Right after they called, Jimbo's bus came and I walked a little bit back to my house and basically met them halfway.
I already had my skateboard so we just headed to the spot.
After skating there a while we decided it was too freakin' hot and there was no shade. So we told Jose to meet us at the Com. Center and we would skate there. It's late so I'm gonna speed this up.
Eddie met up wit us, we went to the mall so he can get his board, skated at Hastings a lil while and finally got started on that movie again. Everyone left at that time so it was just me, Ryan, and Eddie. You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to get through a scene without messing up or laughing. It's not even a funny scene which makes it even more funny. To us at least. During the gun broke which was lucky because we just finished using it. Sleep time fools. Cut! That was horrible, try it again! WITH FEELING!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"I had a hard day, a hard day at the office"

One of those "I wish I had my camera" days

Whew, Boy Howdy. I started out today at about 3:00 PM to just go check up on Ryan, and next thing I know we are hoppin in his car to go skate at Hastings High School. We were skatin there for a few mins, and there was alot of cars there. We didn't know what was goin down but we figured it was sports related because we saw like 2 girls walkin around in gymshorts and whatnot. Then Moses came. He's a lil guy about 11-13 or somethin and he is good. He can kickflip and 180 down threes and stuff. He skates a board half his size and his kick flips are a thing to see. They are so small.
Anyway, we decided to blow that popsicle stand and head for the three step at the community center. Although we for got that day camp was still in session which is this thing where kids can go doing the day while their parents work, or goof off, or get high or whatever. We skated the 3 anyway and got kicked out a lil afterwards. Luckily we were prepared and called Andy before hand.
And to his house we drove, picking Jose up on the way. (Lemme say, Andy has a nice pool and a bitch for a dog, in more ways than one) We chilled there for a while and skated his box and rail. I landed my first boardslide on his box, but the rail is another story. I got close though. We called up Eddie, to see if he was commin and he said he'd meet us at the Community Center around 5:30-6:00 and it was around 4:50 at that time. We decided to go to Mcdonalds and chow. And Moses being slighty richer than you'd expect, pulled and 20 out of his pocket and asked us what we wanted. He got me a dbl cheeseburger, that I wanted but didn't want at the same time. And medium drink. Dat's a nice kid right there.
We left da place at about 6:15 and went to the Com. Center, and there was no sign of Eddie. Turned out the kid had to go to blockbuster first but he came later. From then, til about 9:00 it was just non-stop skating. I can't believe I barely got tired in all of that. Although my clothes would say otherwise, being covered in sweat. And amist all the activty I landed my first varial kickflip. So I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. And check out the little number I did on my shoe :D

Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Day

Whew, went to my friends house and complete this movie for Now this movie was a headache to make with it dealing with time travel and meeting ourselves but we finally got it done. We also made a bunch of random shorts, involing being beaten with a palm tree and poking a cat in the forehead. We had good laughs and it was a good day.
Then I got home pretty tired I guess. I still have this other movie I wanna finish *pulls at hair* that movie does not want to get made. The one wit the prop gun. And what surprised me, when I logged on to my comp and got online, people started messaging me left and right. That usually doesn't happen. I find it tire-ing to talk to so many people at once. Then on I think some 20 year old woman was trying to come on to me by pretending she didn't know what she was doing and decided to ask me for help. Of course, she didn't know my age. She asked me a few questions, stuff you'd expect and my age. When I finally told her...well, I haven't heard back. While all this was going on I gained a level in this MUD I'm playing. Achaea. I'll talk about MUD's some other time.
Then I discovered (through EGS) that Retromud is back up, which is supposed to be a kickass one that I joined then went down like two days later. It's been down for like 2-3 weeks and today I got back on and discovered that my char had been deleted. So I had to start from scratch, although they tried to smooth it over with free exp and crap. Anyway, I've been having a hankerin' for some GTA: San Andreas that I'm gonna go play now.
P.S. My friend Stephen is gettin close to kickflips now, congratz kid.
P.P.S. My Ranma 1/2 Season 4 finished downloading today which if nothing else, made my day. The show is so freakin good.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back On The Griptape

Welp, finally met up wit my friends after a coupla days. I've been hanging at my other friends house and they were trying to get in contact with me to hang out but I couldn't. Anyway, we started skatin (skateboarding) pretty much when we met up. Everything was goin as it normally would except...My pop-shoveits went to crap. (Oh ya, I suck at skateboarding, very small arsenal of tricks and I've been doing it a little less than 2 years. with breaks and stuff you know....)
Which frustrated me because that was supposed to be my trick...the easy trick for I can pop out anytime... arg. And I need a new deck. My tail is practically gone off of the one I got. And the its hard to control when ridden the other way, leans. If I had the money I would. But I need a new complete anyway. One of my trucks is messed up and will probably be the downfall of the next board. If you are willing to order a new complete for me I'd be very grateful. I'll draw you a picture or something.
Well moving on. We have this movie that we've been working on and it's production was on hold because NO ONE WANTED TO GET A PROP GUN! So I got one and we are supposed to start shooting tomorrow...but for some reason, the star(Ryan) of the movie has this weird thing where if he plans something it wont get done because he has to help other people. Well that's enough for tonight. Peace

Friday, July 22, 2005

Silent Goodbyes

Well, since I can't keep the cat, I unloaded the responsibility of caring for a much smaller more vulnerable creature to my friend Ryan. He wants one anyway. But I had a good time wit the that lil nameless stray...although, it left it's fleacoller somewhere in my room. Well, less fleas for me I suppose.


I suppose this cat is lucky. It just started raining..hard. I'd feel sorry for it. If I put it out there earlier I probably go after it now but I guess that makes us both lucky.

Found a cat and started a blog

I found a cat and started this blog...two things that have nothing to do with each other yet contain a connection. Weird thing is, the cat isn't a stray and I know I'm not keeping it so I just decided to take some pictures and write about it. I've never blogged before so I don't know what I am doin. Maybe I should say something about the comic...Action will happen soon..I hope. I can't seem to get around to getting to the action but it's comming soon.