Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back On The Griptape

Welp, finally met up wit my friends after a coupla days. I've been hanging at my other friends house and they were trying to get in contact with me to hang out but I couldn't. Anyway, we started skatin (skateboarding) pretty much when we met up. Everything was goin as it normally would except...My pop-shoveits went to crap. (Oh ya, I suck at skateboarding, very small arsenal of tricks and I've been doing it a little less than 2 years. with breaks and stuff you know....)
Which frustrated me because that was supposed to be my trick...the easy trick for I can pop out anytime... arg. And I need a new deck. My tail is practically gone off of the one I got. And the its hard to control when ridden the other way, leans. If I had the money I would. But I need a new complete anyway. One of my trucks is messed up and will probably be the downfall of the next board. If you are willing to order a new complete for me I'd be very grateful. I'll draw you a picture or something.
Well moving on. We have this movie that we've been working on and it's production was on hold because NO ONE WANTED TO GET A PROP GUN! So I got one and we are supposed to start shooting tomorrow...but for some reason, the star(Ryan) of the movie has this weird thing where if he plans something it wont get done because he has to help other people. Well that's enough for tonight. Peace


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