Thursday, July 28, 2005

Breakin' in the Kingpin

Action: Today I got up around 10 am so me and moms can hit up a skateshop for a new skateboard and some parts, and we got em. We got the store brand deck because, 1. I'm a cheap bastard 2. I've ridden it before and it's not too shabby. The thing about it is its wide. Much wider than my other board. So it gonna take some serious getting to used too. I also got some new Vans, which were the same as my previous two pairs, but what can I say. I like the shoes.
After our outing, we went home and I took the wheels of my last deck (which have been on like 3-4 decks before that,) and put them on my new one wit some Reds bearings. Good bearings. Jimbo surprised me with a sudden visit and we killed some people GTA: S.A. Good wholesome fun. You have to try jumping from a flying car when it flying 20,00 feet over some water. It's great fun. Then Jimbo had to leave so we chilled at the bus stop then Ryan called, him and Moses are ready to skate some spot and they have some serious timing. Right after they called, Jimbo's bus came and I walked a little bit back to my house and basically met them halfway.
I already had my skateboard so we just headed to the spot.
After skating there a while we decided it was too freakin' hot and there was no shade. So we told Jose to meet us at the Com. Center and we would skate there. It's late so I'm gonna speed this up.
Eddie met up wit us, we went to the mall so he can get his board, skated at Hastings a lil while and finally got started on that movie again. Everyone left at that time so it was just me, Ryan, and Eddie. You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to get through a scene without messing up or laughing. It's not even a funny scene which makes it even more funny. To us at least. During the gun broke which was lucky because we just finished using it. Sleep time fools. Cut! That was horrible, try it again! WITH FEELING!


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