Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Day

Whew, went to my friends house and complete this movie for Now this movie was a headache to make with it dealing with time travel and meeting ourselves but we finally got it done. We also made a bunch of random shorts, involing being beaten with a palm tree and poking a cat in the forehead. We had good laughs and it was a good day.
Then I got home pretty tired I guess. I still have this other movie I wanna finish *pulls at hair* that movie does not want to get made. The one wit the prop gun. And what surprised me, when I logged on to my comp and got online, people started messaging me left and right. That usually doesn't happen. I find it tire-ing to talk to so many people at once. Then on I think some 20 year old woman was trying to come on to me by pretending she didn't know what she was doing and decided to ask me for help. Of course, she didn't know my age. She asked me a few questions, stuff you'd expect and my age. When I finally told her...well, I haven't heard back. While all this was going on I gained a level in this MUD I'm playing. Achaea. I'll talk about MUD's some other time.
Then I discovered (through EGS) that Retromud is back up, which is supposed to be a kickass one that I joined then went down like two days later. It's been down for like 2-3 weeks and today I got back on and discovered that my char had been deleted. So I had to start from scratch, although they tried to smooth it over with free exp and crap. Anyway, I've been having a hankerin' for some GTA: San Andreas that I'm gonna go play now.
P.S. My friend Stephen is gettin close to kickflips now, congratz kid.
P.P.S. My Ranma 1/2 Season 4 finished downloading today which if nothing else, made my day. The show is so freakin good.


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