Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Alright false alarm everyone. Calm down, and HEY YOU, get off the chadelier! The cam is ok, it was just taking a nap. Maybe due to overuse, I dunno, I'm not a camera doctor. But I still stand by my word, I need a new camera.


Not yet...it wasn't supposed to happen like this!...Not yet....oh GAWD.

My video camera broke.
It's stuck in the off postition and the on switch is pretty much uneffective. I hope mother gives me enough birthday Money for a new one. It was my birthday 2 days ago but she couldnt give it to me then. I turned 17 by the way. Weird age. Too old to be a kid, too young to be an Adult.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All that AND a box of chips

So we were skatin at this school that we jumped the gate of. Probably elementry becuase we were told that there would be some 3's,4's, & 5's there. They were there. But they sucked. They were made of wood and the landing area was too small. But we skated around the place anyway.
Now, there were these vans there. They read "Rental trucks, cars, vans" on the side. And someone seemed to notice that there was a square cardboard box labled Fritolays in the truck. If this box was carried you would either have to use your other hand or your side.
When were leaving, on my way to the car, look back and see one of the boys casually carry this box out and into the car. And then the box was opened and we found out what was in it. It was full of small bags of Lays Original Flavor chips. "Shame on you, shame on you all! Stealing from the young'ns" I shouted "Now hand me a bag of chips" And let me say, dont believe what you hear, just because its stolen does not tarnish the taste.
And oh ya, they were skatin a flatbed earlier.
Here's Jose bustin a 180 off in CrAp-o-vIsIoN

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cuz I'm a guy

The first day of school was ok. I got off-campus 5th and thats good. That is all.

I don't have to say anymore cuz I'm a guy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I fell. No big deal really though. You see, me and the gang were hittin the 5 stair up well. Eddie busted the most stuff. I couldn't even ollie the thing. On the closest landing I fell hard, did something weird to my hand.I have no clue what this stuff is. It's under the skin and been there since like 4:20 pm. Other than that I'm ok. It doesn't even hurt anymore. I want to go back and finish that freakin ollie. Now, Eddie and Ryan had to go to a System of the Down concert so we had to cut it short today. But on the way back to my house Eddie saw a guy in a green car he knew and told Ryan to honk at him. We we're behind him so I don't think he ever saw Eddie and when the light turn green he took off, and Ryan being a crazy driver to begin with took off after him. This guy turned into a neighborhood to try to lose us and we couldn't keep up with him. But it was freakin hilarious watchin this guy try to ditch us. In the end, he went the opposite way we were trying to go and we had to make a left when he made a right. Jeez, my first car chase. Anyway, they dropped me off and went on their way to the concert they were already late for. I'm still weirded out by my hand.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

School May Be Commin'

But we're still goin :) Yes, school will be in very shortly for us. 08/16/05 to be exact. Yet today, we didn't change our routine (to play by ear) a bit. We got some more of the movie filmed. Alma and Lil Ryan are surprisingly good actors but I think Alma needed to pull on some real emotion for her part. That was around 1...I'd say, ending at 3. For like a 5 min scene.
Afterwards we headed to Cici's pizza, me, Ryan, Alma, and lil' Ryan. Chowed down, I lost a game of air hockey to Ryan(who told me just before the puck was placed that he used to own a air hockey table) But it wasn't a bad loss, 6:7. Next up headed next door to the fish aquariums and browsed through some tanks.
Then we met up wit the gang and the Com Center. But then to my surprise and dismay WE WE'RE BANNED FOR THE COMMUNITY CENTER. Something about damage to the stairs. Nothing dangerous, they just look like crap. But can no longer skate on the premises. So we went to McDonald's and then to the four stair at the bank. I chilled at a lame 2 and then we got the sudden urge to go to Dex (that closed down skateshop I told you about earlier). We made it past the locked gates and found out that the skateboarding gods were against us. The window they used to get in was closed with a chain on it. You'd think skatepark owners would understand, them being fellow skateboarders and all. We were leaving and heard a polices warning siren and ran for the car. It was everyman for himself in that 30 foot dash through the gate. We hopped in the car and headed somewhere else.
We found ourselves at Taylor high school trying to bust tricks over this grass gap. It was big, it wasn't til we were close to leaving did I ever get close to landing an ollie over it. And Andy...Freakin' Andy, He kickfliped and 180ed it. If I knew how to put .mov's on here I'd show you his nice 180 he busted. Me on the other hand, fell about 2 twice trying to land it. Nothing too bad...but it wasn't good. I never got to land it *tear* we had to leave cuz it was like 10:13 and someone had to go.
Darn school's acommin

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Genital Herpes= The Good Life?

I've been noticing these commercials and they seem quite interesting. Some attractive person starts off saying how hard it was to live with genital herpes and then it goes to all these shots of them doing things. But not just anything. They're not cooking dinner, or working is a cubicle, or waiting in traffic. No, they are flying kites on the beach, riding horses on the coast, mountain climbing, all these exotic things. Kinda makes you want to join in. And the kicker is, they're not alone now. They have some equally attractive mate with them. Do they know? Anyway, I don't know what audience they are trying to reach or if they are trying to sell it but apparently...
Genital Herpes = The Good Life

As you can see, I decided to rant today hehe.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Trust me, you'll have fun if you do it right"

Well, one of the things I feared happened, and one of the things I wanted happened. What I wanted was to work on the movie. The thing I feared is that when we filmed the scene at Ryan's Mother's apartment his family would be home. And bygolly they were. Not to metion the gang (my fellow skateboarders) were there being bored out of their mind.
Here's the deal, Ryan has younger siblings, and that should be all I have to say about that. Long story short, it took about 6 hours to do one less than 10 minute scene.
But the good part about filming is, it's fun. Half the time your in stiches(laughing, not injured). I'm just sorry I have to leave so many bloopers on the cutting room floor.
Ok, so whats happening here? Ryan comes home to find his family missing and a Assassin in their place. And in this screenshot, Ryan has just kicked a knife out of the assassin's hand.

I recomend making movies for everyone. Do it with your friends. I want to start on another after this one, a comedy probably, but who knows. Trust me, you'll have fun if you do it right.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Check it

Freakin' Houston weather, there was a time today where it was sunny and hot and raining cold water at the same time. Maybe it's not just us but then there is something wrong wit this world.

Update: I got a change in hair style from my braids and I like it. Don't ask about the pic, I did it for your sake.

You like that soft alternative? If you do you might want to check out these 2 Flip(Philipino) bands. Matter fact these are 2 good songs from each.
Bamboo- Waiting in vain
Bamboo- Hallelujah
Kitchie Nadal-Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin
Kitchie Nadal- Same Ground
You may not understand all of it, or any of it, but if it sounds good, why not add it to your playlist?