Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All that AND a box of chips

So we were skatin at this school that we jumped the gate of. Probably elementry becuase we were told that there would be some 3's,4's, & 5's there. They were there. But they sucked. They were made of wood and the landing area was too small. But we skated around the place anyway.
Now, there were these vans there. They read "Rental trucks, cars, vans" on the side. And someone seemed to notice that there was a square cardboard box labled Fritolays in the truck. If this box was carried you would either have to use your other hand or your side.
When were leaving, on my way to the car, look back and see one of the boys casually carry this box out and into the car. And then the box was opened and we found out what was in it. It was full of small bags of Lays Original Flavor chips. "Shame on you, shame on you all! Stealing from the young'ns" I shouted "Now hand me a bag of chips" And let me say, dont believe what you hear, just because its stolen does not tarnish the taste.
And oh ya, they were skatin a flatbed earlier.
Here's Jose bustin a 180 off in CrAp-o-vIsIoN


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