Sunday, August 07, 2005

Genital Herpes= The Good Life?

I've been noticing these commercials and they seem quite interesting. Some attractive person starts off saying how hard it was to live with genital herpes and then it goes to all these shots of them doing things. But not just anything. They're not cooking dinner, or working is a cubicle, or waiting in traffic. No, they are flying kites on the beach, riding horses on the coast, mountain climbing, all these exotic things. Kinda makes you want to join in. And the kicker is, they're not alone now. They have some equally attractive mate with them. Do they know? Anyway, I don't know what audience they are trying to reach or if they are trying to sell it but apparently...
Genital Herpes = The Good Life

As you can see, I decided to rant today hehe.


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