Saturday, August 13, 2005


I fell. No big deal really though. You see, me and the gang were hittin the 5 stair up well. Eddie busted the most stuff. I couldn't even ollie the thing. On the closest landing I fell hard, did something weird to my hand.I have no clue what this stuff is. It's under the skin and been there since like 4:20 pm. Other than that I'm ok. It doesn't even hurt anymore. I want to go back and finish that freakin ollie. Now, Eddie and Ryan had to go to a System of the Down concert so we had to cut it short today. But on the way back to my house Eddie saw a guy in a green car he knew and told Ryan to honk at him. We we're behind him so I don't think he ever saw Eddie and when the light turn green he took off, and Ryan being a crazy driver to begin with took off after him. This guy turned into a neighborhood to try to lose us and we couldn't keep up with him. But it was freakin hilarious watchin this guy try to ditch us. In the end, he went the opposite way we were trying to go and we had to make a left when he made a right. Jeez, my first car chase. Anyway, they dropped me off and went on their way to the concert they were already late for. I'm still weirded out by my hand.


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You sawy we're instead of were......hmm....I think that's right. *thinks*]


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