Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Trust me, you'll have fun if you do it right"

Well, one of the things I feared happened, and one of the things I wanted happened. What I wanted was to work on the movie. The thing I feared is that when we filmed the scene at Ryan's Mother's apartment his family would be home. And bygolly they were. Not to metion the gang (my fellow skateboarders) were there being bored out of their mind.
Here's the deal, Ryan has younger siblings, and that should be all I have to say about that. Long story short, it took about 6 hours to do one less than 10 minute scene.
But the good part about filming is, it's fun. Half the time your in stiches(laughing, not injured). I'm just sorry I have to leave so many bloopers on the cutting room floor.
Ok, so whats happening here? Ryan comes home to find his family missing and a Assassin in their place. And in this screenshot, Ryan has just kicked a knife out of the assassin's hand.

I recomend making movies for everyone. Do it with your friends. I want to start on another after this one, a comedy probably, but who knows. Trust me, you'll have fun if you do it right.


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