Thursday, September 29, 2005

FYI For My Random Readers

I wont have internet for a few days. I should be back by the sixth of October. *Insert cliched Arnold Schwarzenegger quote*

You girly men.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita Smita

That's all I have to say(I took this one myself, so dont take it)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Me and ace go at it again

I bet you think we're joking:
ace chronicles: big toinne
IceDrgn4: Ace!
ace chronicles
: ......
ace chronicles: .........
IceDrgn4: ....
ace chronicles
: this is mmmmm....
ace chronicles
: debriefing starts in 1 hour
IceDrgn4: oh you bastard
: you tell me now
: how am I supposed to get to paraguey in one hour
ace chronicles
: shoulda thought a that when you were gettin wasted at babylon 91
IceDrgn4: It's rude to turn down a party invatation
: And 12 martinis
ace chronicles
: they
IceDrgn4: and a bottle a vodka
ace chronicles
: had
IceDrgn4: with a cup of scotch
ace chronicles
: they had needles in the vodka mixer
ace chronicles: don't you think somethings up
ace chronicles: geez
IceDrgn4: Babylon 91 is always a bit different
: why should I expect anything no
: now
ace chronicles
: because of the new government man do you ever pay attention at debriefing
IceDrgn4: they are boring
: I usually play paper football with Wilson
ace chronicles
: wilson is so canned
ace chronicles: but i'm tired of your excuses
ace chronicles: i'm bored
ace chronicles: i'm hit with a bullet
ace chronicles: an orangutang took my thorax whatever
IceDrgn4: damn monkey
ace chronicles
: well when you pissed off the primape in indonesia you knew there were consequences
IceDrgn4: I thought they were exaggerating
ace chronicles
: listen you don't mess with lab tech monkeys alright
ace chronicles: they have wings
IceDrgn4: and scaples *shudder*
ace chronicles
: well take a lesson from my book give it
ace chronicles: a banana
ace chronicles: a couch
ace chronicles: and a nice shot with a tranq
IceDrgn4: for me or the moneky?
ace chronicles
: for the monkey
IceDrgn4: hehe
ace chronicles
: but enoguh about that i'm going to debriefing
IceDrgn4: Just give me the skinny when its over
ace chronicles
: general hammond says the cubans are selling counterfeit jeans again
IceDrgn4: Those cuban bastards
ace chronicles
: and he'll expect u there
IceDrgn4: But I thought all of cuba had it out for me by now
ace chronicles
: well you slept with their prized princess of the carribean they have a soft spot for you now
ace chronicles: she can't stop talking about you
IceDrgn4: ...............I uh....I forgot her name ^^;
ace chronicles
: WHAT!!
ace chronicles: how can you forget the name adsagcjcidoeufh joe
IceDrgn4: oh...her....I HATE her
ace chronicles
: yeah well bobbalobbafrobbawobba says you beter marry her if you plan on keeping your eyeballs
IceDrgn4: You see why I tell you not to introduce me to anymore princesses, I always end up sleeping with them
: and this
: happens
ace chronicles
: you're the one attracted to 3 eyed women okay
IceDrgn4: I find it exotic what can I say
ace chronicles
: the bottom line.........
ace chronicles: (bang bang)
ace chronicles
: (4 shots fire from the cuban embassy)
ace chronicles
: i think you need to get down here
IceDrgn4: (sigh) do I have to?
ace chronicles
: (sarcastically):nah jus chill while the whole cuban army comes to your house
ace chronicles: why did you keep the jae monkey antoinne
ace chronicles: jade monkey
IceDrgn4: It matches my wallpaper
ace chronicles
IceDrgn4: You dont want to know
: but let me say, It's surpisingly fabulous
ace chronicles
ace chronicles: u jus got it
ace chronicles: so why lose it
ace chronicles: (bang bang)
IceDrgn4: Because I learned what it was
: trouble?
ace chronicles
: yes i took the emerald rhinoceraus and they're all huffy about it
IceDrgn4: see, now you're learning
ace chronicles
: the feul that comes from an emerald rhino is very wanted in paraguey
IceDrgn4: Bout time, you used to try and negotiate, now you this is how you should handle international espionage
ace chronicles
: actually Bush is trying to keep all oil for his jet
ace chronicles: he authorized the mission
IceDrgn4: Just like Bush
ace chronicles
: Gas $3.68 he's not foolin anyone
IceDrgn4: Makes me glad we have Project Black Falcon on back-up
ace chronicles
: yeah
ace chronicles: ?
ace chronicles: what
IceDrgn4: werent supposed to know
ace chronicles
: they told me that the excretonians destroyed it on p46x9
IceDrgn4: Oh right....ya...thats what happened, SAY how are those Cubans?
ace chronicles
: SO
ace chronicles: WHERE
ace chronicles: IS
ace chronicles: THE
ace chronicles: FALCON
ace chronicles: AGENT A
IceDrgn4: I uh...I dont know what you're talking about
ace chronicles
ace chronicles: WE OUT THE CHIP IN
ace chronicles: PUT THE CHIP IN
IceDrgn4: The Brain Waves?
ace chronicles
: anyway let's check those Cubans huh
ace chronicles: ....
IceDrgn4: Well?
ace chronicles
: yeah they seem fine
ace chronicles: but since they released the Raven Blue 22 transportation is great
IceDrgn4: You used the crazy purple knock out gas didnt you?
: Oh yeah, Raven Blue is a sweet ride
: I just wish it wasn't hot pink
ace chronicles
: yeah
ace chronicles: it makes no sense
ace chronicles: i think pilot skicowski is a little:-*
ace chronicles: lol
IceDrgn4: lol
: amen brother
ace chronicles
: but i guess his termination should give some manhood back to the ride
IceDrgn4: Some how I ge tnothin but dirty thoughts from what you just said
: never say that again
ace chronicles
: if you stop thinking about propitonian females you can hold a decent conversation
IceDrgn4: You haven't seen them like I have man
: hehe X crystals
ace chronicles
: ?
IceDrgn4: Oh sorry, you were saying
ace chronicles
: pakistan is willing to let you apologize
IceDrgn4: screw pakistan
ace chronicles
: you blew up there sacred camel
IceDrgn4: I told you I'm not going back there
: That was the worst camel ever
ace chronicles
: u owe them something
IceDrgn4: with its stuck-upness and british accent
ace chronicles
: well what would you prefer the one in scottland
IceDrgn4: You know what, yes I would
ace chronicles
: no you wouldn't he has holitosis
IceDrgn4: I'll hold my breath
ace chronicles
: you have to breathe sometime
ace chronicles: oh wait
ace chronicles: never mind
IceDrgn4: Now you remember
ace chronicles
: listen they have one camel one skunk and one razor weilding orangutang you know which one to go after
ace chronicles: sheesh
IceDrgn4: I love razor weilding orangutangs
: I can't hurt sally
ace chronicles
: how many times do i have to say this
ace chronicles: shes
ace chronicles: she's
ace chronicles: on
ace chronicles: crack!!!!!!!!!!
ace chronicles: with a razor
ace chronicles: put her down already
IceDrgn4: You just cannot let me be happy can you
ace chronicles
: oh okay were you happy with tina
ace chronicles: biggest insane monkey ever
IceDrgn4: Tina was a slut
ace chronicles
: yeah but as i recall you said the L word and then what happened
IceDrgn4: Yes yes I know, no more Teriphone Islands
ace chronicles
: goog
ace chronicles: good
IceDrgn4: Jeez, french ninjas are attacking again, I gotta go
ace chronicles
: give em the same cracker sheesh
ace chronicles: always works
IceDrgn4: sure sure, I'll go see If I have one
ace chronicles
: cut

Monday, September 19, 2005

New Trucks

Got em finally. BAM.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Shocking News

We have shocking footage of Ryan in tight pants. That's right folks tight pants...young'n and the quesy should turn away if you watch this video..oh and put the light low...and the volume up...and some Barry White on....
(Limited time offer)
Also, on another note, I have landed a boardslide on a rail at a skate park. This my readers may be the crappiest boardslide you've ever seen but dammit it's mine.
You know you like this hot leg action
Just think of it as a scrampled skateboarding porn channel clip

Monday, September 05, 2005

He did what?!

Today's blog is dedicated to Johnny for his marvoulous frontside flip...OFF AN 8! And a wide 8 stair set at that. Here's a still frame.Now, as you may have guessed, the airborn midget on wheels is Johnny, shirtless guy Ryan, and that other freak me. Johnny also 180ed and kickflipped it.
As for the day, there was alot of driving, alot of lookin for hot chicks on the road, eddie broke another board, and bought another one in the same day. And when we we're droppin the guys off, a big white bird cage on the side of the road, next to a pile of trash waiting to be picked up tomorrow morning caught Ryan's eye. Now, there were about 3 guys in the back seat and since we we're down the street from Johnny's house he decided to skitch.
Skitch- The act of holding on to a moving car while on a skateboard to get momentom.
None the less, the cage wouldnt fit in the backseat of Ryan's Lancer so we just stuffed in the trunk, which ment leaving the trunk door open. This was because that freakin bird cage had quite a coupla stuck parts where the hooks wont come off and we grew tired of fighting off mosqiutos while trying to disassemble that contraption. It all worked out in the end. Everyone got home safe, Ryan has his cage, and I got....Ryan plans to turn that cage into a ferret cage. To quote him...quoting many other people:
"One man's trash is a another man's treasure"

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Found tw-ent-ty fi-ive dol-lars, what a beautiful day

I know what I mean at least. Yep, found $25 dollars today. Worst part was that it was in someone's driveway, so it'd made me think if it was a karmatic test or reward, but I was too busy showing the fellas to worry bout it. And Eddie damn near ripped a 10 outa my hand. I let him have it, because he needed to get a new board...Well more like wanted..An the 15 will go into my camera fund.
Justification: 1. They shouldn't have been so careless with money, so they don't deserve it 2. They have a drive way, they obviously wont miss this money 3. Maybe they'll learn a lesson about being careless and about what's important in life, I'm really doing it for them.

It was a good day all in all though. Now I'm gonna go bath in money, peace suckas