Saturday, September 03, 2005

Found tw-ent-ty fi-ive dol-lars, what a beautiful day

I know what I mean at least. Yep, found $25 dollars today. Worst part was that it was in someone's driveway, so it'd made me think if it was a karmatic test or reward, but I was too busy showing the fellas to worry bout it. And Eddie damn near ripped a 10 outa my hand. I let him have it, because he needed to get a new board...Well more like wanted..An the 15 will go into my camera fund.
Justification: 1. They shouldn't have been so careless with money, so they don't deserve it 2. They have a drive way, they obviously wont miss this money 3. Maybe they'll learn a lesson about being careless and about what's important in life, I'm really doing it for them.

It was a good day all in all though. Now I'm gonna go bath in money, peace suckas


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