Monday, September 05, 2005

He did what?!

Today's blog is dedicated to Johnny for his marvoulous frontside flip...OFF AN 8! And a wide 8 stair set at that. Here's a still frame.Now, as you may have guessed, the airborn midget on wheels is Johnny, shirtless guy Ryan, and that other freak me. Johnny also 180ed and kickflipped it.
As for the day, there was alot of driving, alot of lookin for hot chicks on the road, eddie broke another board, and bought another one in the same day. And when we we're droppin the guys off, a big white bird cage on the side of the road, next to a pile of trash waiting to be picked up tomorrow morning caught Ryan's eye. Now, there were about 3 guys in the back seat and since we we're down the street from Johnny's house he decided to skitch.
Skitch- The act of holding on to a moving car while on a skateboard to get momentom.
None the less, the cage wouldnt fit in the backseat of Ryan's Lancer so we just stuffed in the trunk, which ment leaving the trunk door open. This was because that freakin bird cage had quite a coupla stuck parts where the hooks wont come off and we grew tired of fighting off mosqiutos while trying to disassemble that contraption. It all worked out in the end. Everyone got home safe, Ryan has his cage, and I got....Ryan plans to turn that cage into a ferret cage. To quote him...quoting many other people:
"One man's trash is a another man's treasure"


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