Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Me and ace go at it again

I bet you think we're joking:
ace chronicles: big toinne
IceDrgn4: Ace!
ace chronicles
: ......
ace chronicles: .........
IceDrgn4: ....
ace chronicles
: this is mmmmm....
ace chronicles
: debriefing starts in 1 hour
IceDrgn4: oh you bastard
: you tell me now
: how am I supposed to get to paraguey in one hour
ace chronicles
: shoulda thought a that when you were gettin wasted at babylon 91
IceDrgn4: It's rude to turn down a party invatation
: And 12 martinis
ace chronicles
: they
IceDrgn4: and a bottle a vodka
ace chronicles
: had
IceDrgn4: with a cup of scotch
ace chronicles
: they had needles in the vodka mixer
ace chronicles: don't you think somethings up
ace chronicles: geez
IceDrgn4: Babylon 91 is always a bit different
: why should I expect anything no
: now
ace chronicles
: because of the new government man do you ever pay attention at debriefing
IceDrgn4: they are boring
: I usually play paper football with Wilson
ace chronicles
: wilson is so canned
ace chronicles: but i'm tired of your excuses
ace chronicles: i'm bored
ace chronicles: i'm hit with a bullet
ace chronicles: an orangutang took my thorax whatever
IceDrgn4: damn monkey
ace chronicles
: well when you pissed off the primape in indonesia you knew there were consequences
IceDrgn4: I thought they were exaggerating
ace chronicles
: listen you don't mess with lab tech monkeys alright
ace chronicles: they have wings
IceDrgn4: and scaples *shudder*
ace chronicles
: well take a lesson from my book give it
ace chronicles: a banana
ace chronicles: a couch
ace chronicles: and a nice shot with a tranq
IceDrgn4: for me or the moneky?
ace chronicles
: for the monkey
IceDrgn4: hehe
ace chronicles
: but enoguh about that i'm going to debriefing
IceDrgn4: Just give me the skinny when its over
ace chronicles
: general hammond says the cubans are selling counterfeit jeans again
IceDrgn4: Those cuban bastards
ace chronicles
: and he'll expect u there
IceDrgn4: But I thought all of cuba had it out for me by now
ace chronicles
: well you slept with their prized princess of the carribean they have a soft spot for you now
ace chronicles: she can't stop talking about you
IceDrgn4: ...............I uh....I forgot her name ^^;
ace chronicles
: WHAT!!
ace chronicles: how can you forget the name adsagcjcidoeufh joe
IceDrgn4: oh...her....I HATE her
ace chronicles
: yeah well bobbalobbafrobbawobba says you beter marry her if you plan on keeping your eyeballs
IceDrgn4: You see why I tell you not to introduce me to anymore princesses, I always end up sleeping with them
: and this
: happens
ace chronicles
: you're the one attracted to 3 eyed women okay
IceDrgn4: I find it exotic what can I say
ace chronicles
: the bottom line.........
ace chronicles: (bang bang)
ace chronicles
: (4 shots fire from the cuban embassy)
ace chronicles
: i think you need to get down here
IceDrgn4: (sigh) do I have to?
ace chronicles
: (sarcastically):nah jus chill while the whole cuban army comes to your house
ace chronicles: why did you keep the jae monkey antoinne
ace chronicles: jade monkey
IceDrgn4: It matches my wallpaper
ace chronicles
IceDrgn4: You dont want to know
: but let me say, It's surpisingly fabulous
ace chronicles
ace chronicles: u jus got it
ace chronicles: so why lose it
ace chronicles: (bang bang)
IceDrgn4: Because I learned what it was
: trouble?
ace chronicles
: yes i took the emerald rhinoceraus and they're all huffy about it
IceDrgn4: see, now you're learning
ace chronicles
: the feul that comes from an emerald rhino is very wanted in paraguey
IceDrgn4: Bout time, you used to try and negotiate, now you this is how you should handle international espionage
ace chronicles
: actually Bush is trying to keep all oil for his jet
ace chronicles: he authorized the mission
IceDrgn4: Just like Bush
ace chronicles
: Gas $3.68 he's not foolin anyone
IceDrgn4: Makes me glad we have Project Black Falcon on back-up
ace chronicles
: yeah
ace chronicles: ?
ace chronicles: what
IceDrgn4: Oh...right....you werent supposed to know
ace chronicles
: they told me that the excretonians destroyed it on p46x9
IceDrgn4: Oh right....ya...thats what happened, SAY how are those Cubans?
ace chronicles
: SO
ace chronicles: WHERE
ace chronicles: IS
ace chronicles: THE
ace chronicles: FALCON
ace chronicles: AGENT A
IceDrgn4: I uh...I dont know what you're talking about
ace chronicles
ace chronicles: WE OUT THE CHIP IN
ace chronicles: PUT THE CHIP IN
IceDrgn4: The Brain Waves?
ace chronicles
: anyway let's check those Cubans huh
ace chronicles: ....
IceDrgn4: Well?
ace chronicles
: yeah they seem fine
ace chronicles: but since they released the Raven Blue 22 transportation is great
IceDrgn4: You used the crazy purple knock out gas didnt you?
: Oh yeah, Raven Blue is a sweet ride
: I just wish it wasn't hot pink
ace chronicles
: yeah
ace chronicles: it makes no sense
ace chronicles: i think pilot skicowski is a little:-*
ace chronicles: lol
IceDrgn4: lol
: amen brother
ace chronicles
: but i guess his termination should give some manhood back to the ride
IceDrgn4: Some how I ge tnothin but dirty thoughts from what you just said
: never say that again
ace chronicles
: if you stop thinking about propitonian females you can hold a decent conversation
IceDrgn4: You haven't seen them like I have man
: hehe X crystals
ace chronicles
: ?
IceDrgn4: Oh sorry, you were saying
ace chronicles
: pakistan is willing to let you apologize
IceDrgn4: screw pakistan
ace chronicles
: you blew up there sacred camel
IceDrgn4: I told you I'm not going back there
: That was the worst camel ever
ace chronicles
: u owe them something
IceDrgn4: with its stuck-upness and british accent
ace chronicles
: well what would you prefer the one in scottland
IceDrgn4: You know what, yes I would
ace chronicles
: no you wouldn't he has holitosis
IceDrgn4: I'll hold my breath
ace chronicles
: you have to breathe sometime
ace chronicles: oh wait
ace chronicles: never mind
IceDrgn4: Now you remember
ace chronicles
: listen they have one camel one skunk and one razor weilding orangutang you know which one to go after
ace chronicles: sheesh
IceDrgn4: I love razor weilding orangutangs
: I can't hurt sally
ace chronicles
: how many times do i have to say this
ace chronicles: shes
ace chronicles: she's
ace chronicles: on
ace chronicles: crack!!!!!!!!!!
ace chronicles: with a razor
ace chronicles: put her down already
IceDrgn4: You just cannot let me be happy can you
ace chronicles
: oh okay were you happy with tina
ace chronicles: biggest insane monkey ever
IceDrgn4: Tina was a slut
ace chronicles
: yeah but as i recall you said the L word and then what happened
IceDrgn4: Yes yes I know, no more Teriphone Islands
ace chronicles
: goog
ace chronicles: good
IceDrgn4: Jeez, french ninjas are attacking again, I gotta go
ace chronicles
: give em the same cracker sheesh
ace chronicles: always works
IceDrgn4: sure sure, I'll go see If I have one
ace chronicles
: cut


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