Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chamon baby

Two of many reasons why Saturday night was a GOOD night

#3: Sledge hammer> my crappy board

#28: Ryan learns about gravity

Friday, October 28, 2005

Quotes of Oct/28/05

"The love for evil is the root to all money"-Ndi
We were going over the 7 sins in English class today. When we got to greed there was that famous quote and here is Ndi's version. I think is hilarious and gave him his props for it.
Day in short
Jammed wit Jimbo
Met up wit the gang
Got left behind at Wal-Mart/Lubys

But this is the most interesting part. We were skating this area not to far from where I live. This kinda slope where the cars come up off the street into the parking lot. Jeff hit a parked car and the alarm went off. We scramed next door to some day-care building and starting skating there. Then out of no where, in the dead of 8:30 4 gunshots went off at this distant apartment complex that. The only thing that separated the daycare center place from those apartments was a little bayou which was too close for comfort. The first one sounded like a firecracker but the following 3 enlightened all of us of what it truly was. Ryan busted it out running and we followed, hopped in the car and left to skate somewhere else. Which brings to my next quote.

"It's a messed up time period when gun shots go off in our area and we just make jokes about it"-Ryan
Cuz we sho were, especially Ryan...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"A History Of Violence" Review

I saw A History Of Violence this weekend and here's what I think of it.
First off, with a title like that, I expected a movie that would indicate an overall message about the world's history of violence, even if it is through a small town. But that wasn't the case. This one man has a history of violence. Now, this movie is very very very slow moving. If no one is fighting or having sex then it is not too interesting looking. Everyone talks in hushed tones and all the funny snappy lines are given to his son(played by Ashton Homes). But the best actor award goes to Maria Bello, just for her good acting.
Now as one can expect, the parts where the movie is violent, is violent. A sound of anguish, disgust, or surprise is pretty much guaranteed to come out of your mouth while watching. But those are too quick and spaced apart to a point where the movie gets boring again. The story is intriguing though easy to guess. If you didn't read from the title then you'll defiantly catch it when the guy with the weird eye comes in.
Good and painful fight scenes
-Slow story telling
+Ashton Homes lines
-Heidi Hayes's pointless role
+Sex scenes
+ or - Viggo Mortensen's butt (personally I'd go for the "-")
-No big fight scene
-The ending

Do the math people

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oversized Nutshell

Pretty long day today, but not much to report. Homecoming is coming up but I aint goin. First off there was this whole date deal but when I thought about it it seemed really lame. I live across the street from school and I don't have a car. What, I'll meet her there? Nah I'm cool. I can't even dance. But back to today.
We all meet up at Ryan's parking lot area per usual and chilled alot. Played hackysack and stuff, we couldn't skate too much because it's not allowed in the apartments. Then someone decided we should go the the ledge and I just went cuz I was tired of waiting and then after a few minutes of skating there by myself Ryan showed up and we skated. Then Moses came, then Eddie, then he left, then Jeff came, then Jose came, the everyone else came (except Johnny) and me and Ryan left to go pick-up his cousin so she can go to the homecoming game with his brother. On the way we had a lovely conversation about the future and the past on the way.
After we found the room of cheese called the southwest entrance through the maze of a parking lot they had set up there. We called the crew and found out that Eddie went home because Jose and Andy were going to the movies. But on the way back to the ledge we saw them walkin and picked them up, turned out they werent goin to the movies.
We went to Mcdonalds then back to the ledge. Skated then took Moses home. Then we went to the homecomming game so the guys can climb up on the walls containing the dumpsters for free seats while I chilled in the car and fell back in to nostalgia with my 2 year old CDs. I dont like watchin sports. Then we went to go pickup Eddie again and then Ryan had to take his brother and cousin home and me, Jose, Jeff, and Andy decided to stay back because we all wouldn't fit in the car.
We just went to the 3 stair and skated for like 5 minutes before the security man kicked us out. We went to the back for some water then I started heading back across the street, but they went back to the 3. Me and the security gaurd had long talk about his job and how we should leave while they were skating. Then we left and went back to McD's. Ryan came back soon afterwords, then straight back to that infamous ledge. It wasn't until the guys thought about it that they realized...They have no where to go. So we went to Fun-plex. Bad atmosphere there, nobody knew what they were doing in fun-plex at 11 at night. After that an unofficial "Ho hunt" was started. Now when I say ho, I mean girl. Just no one in the car said girl.
But again, no one knew where to they flock to. We went to slick willies, nothin to do there when you're underage and broke. Then we went to Wal-mart, I dunno who told these guys hos hang at wal-mart but we had a pretty good time there none-the-less. After that everyone started goin home. And my friend is my friday in an oversized nutshell. There were also some freestyle sessions that took place. Funny stuff. Here's one of Ryan's.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Good day but...

I'm dissappointed in myself as a cameraman. We went to the Sugarland skate park, and I brought my camera. But I never got any footage! I wanted to get some too, I did some stuff I never done be for and I wanted to get my rock & roll to fakie on tape but there were too many people there, so I didnt want to be the only guy there with a camera recording my loser tricks. It depends on the amount of people to weither I want to whip my camera out or not.
But it was a good skatin day. The weather was cool, my yin was totally yang and my third eye was wide open. The only thing that continuously ruined this good day was the hole in the big foot of each of my shoes. Vans have these holes right were my big toe is, and when I skate it tears through my sock in no time. So the majority of the day I was sliding, landing, rolling, and bailing with my big toe feelin every change in terrain and every increase in heat due to friction. It wasn't enjoyable.
We left at about 7.....somethin to take Johnny home, but me, Ryan, Jeff, and Jose didnt feel like going home. So after a computer "emergency" and a girlfriend pick-up and drop-off we found ourselves at Hastings. Skated. Then the guys got this sudden urge to visit this chick they met this one time at Subway who was a friend of Eddie.
Jeff remembered where to find her...come to think of it...I may have this in the wrong order...Up to takin Johnny home I forgot the sequence in which we acted....well anyway, This is the girl.(Censored cuz I didnt ask her if I can put it up here)
They chatted and then we went wherever we went and did what ever we did there and then skated the 3 step at the community center. I got home at about 12:30...And only coupla lousy pictures to show for it.... oh and by the way, dont tell Andy about this.

My toe hurts.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

And We're Back

Welcome back to the show people, sorry for the sudden intermission but when fire-breathing squids fly from your sink drain and attack the secret documents you gotta put somethings on hold....not that that's what happened...of course...anyway, I'm back and will resumed my routine random post anyday now. WATCH OUT!