Friday, October 07, 2005

Good day but...

I'm dissappointed in myself as a cameraman. We went to the Sugarland skate park, and I brought my camera. But I never got any footage! I wanted to get some too, I did some stuff I never done be for and I wanted to get my rock & roll to fakie on tape but there were too many people there, so I didnt want to be the only guy there with a camera recording my loser tricks. It depends on the amount of people to weither I want to whip my camera out or not.
But it was a good skatin day. The weather was cool, my yin was totally yang and my third eye was wide open. The only thing that continuously ruined this good day was the hole in the big foot of each of my shoes. Vans have these holes right were my big toe is, and when I skate it tears through my sock in no time. So the majority of the day I was sliding, landing, rolling, and bailing with my big toe feelin every change in terrain and every increase in heat due to friction. It wasn't enjoyable.
We left at about 7.....somethin to take Johnny home, but me, Ryan, Jeff, and Jose didnt feel like going home. So after a computer "emergency" and a girlfriend pick-up and drop-off we found ourselves at Hastings. Skated. Then the guys got this sudden urge to visit this chick they met this one time at Subway who was a friend of Eddie.
Jeff remembered where to find her...come to think of it...I may have this in the wrong order...Up to takin Johnny home I forgot the sequence in which we acted....well anyway, This is the girl.(Censored cuz I didnt ask her if I can put it up here)
They chatted and then we went wherever we went and did what ever we did there and then skated the 3 step at the community center. I got home at about 12:30...And only coupla lousy pictures to show for it.... oh and by the way, dont tell Andy about this.

My toe hurts.


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