Sunday, October 23, 2005

"A History Of Violence" Review

I saw A History Of Violence this weekend and here's what I think of it.
First off, with a title like that, I expected a movie that would indicate an overall message about the world's history of violence, even if it is through a small town. But that wasn't the case. This one man has a history of violence. Now, this movie is very very very slow moving. If no one is fighting or having sex then it is not too interesting looking. Everyone talks in hushed tones and all the funny snappy lines are given to his son(played by Ashton Homes). But the best actor award goes to Maria Bello, just for her good acting.
Now as one can expect, the parts where the movie is violent, is violent. A sound of anguish, disgust, or surprise is pretty much guaranteed to come out of your mouth while watching. But those are too quick and spaced apart to a point where the movie gets boring again. The story is intriguing though easy to guess. If you didn't read from the title then you'll defiantly catch it when the guy with the weird eye comes in.
Good and painful fight scenes
-Slow story telling
+Ashton Homes lines
-Heidi Hayes's pointless role
+Sex scenes
+ or - Viggo Mortensen's butt (personally I'd go for the "-")
-No big fight scene
-The ending

Do the math people


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