Friday, October 28, 2005

Quotes of Oct/28/05

"The love for evil is the root to all money"-Ndi
We were going over the 7 sins in English class today. When we got to greed there was that famous quote and here is Ndi's version. I think is hilarious and gave him his props for it.
Day in short
Jammed wit Jimbo
Met up wit the gang
Got left behind at Wal-Mart/Lubys

But this is the most interesting part. We were skating this area not to far from where I live. This kinda slope where the cars come up off the street into the parking lot. Jeff hit a parked car and the alarm went off. We scramed next door to some day-care building and starting skating there. Then out of no where, in the dead of 8:30 4 gunshots went off at this distant apartment complex that. The only thing that separated the daycare center place from those apartments was a little bayou which was too close for comfort. The first one sounded like a firecracker but the following 3 enlightened all of us of what it truly was. Ryan busted it out running and we followed, hopped in the car and left to skate somewhere else. Which brings to my next quote.

"It's a messed up time period when gun shots go off in our area and we just make jokes about it"-Ryan
Cuz we sho were, especially Ryan...


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