Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No offence but that was pretty cool

Look, I know what you want, you want my review on AVP and House of Wax, I know this. Because my reviews rival the legendary thumbs of Ebert and that other guy but listen....I saw a car on fire, and it was pretty cool. I mean BAM!I wanted to get closer but you know, cars have gas tanks and I haven't been invincible to explosions since that hilarious trip to Germany, so I tried to keep my distance. Me and my good buddy Steve were skateboarding down the street when we saw the smoke. So we did what any young, healthy, and intelligent young adult would do if he saw smoke, we ran towards it. Going only as fast as our boards would let us we arrived to the scene. We watched and took pictures, a lot of pictures. But for you losers, I'm only gonna put two on here.
We don't know why this car was on fire, it's clear it started on the inside, that's all we know. The fire truck arrived on the scene and put an end to this automobon fire. They even banged the car up some, why? I don't know. But here's how it looked afterwards.
That was the closest shot I got before the nearby fire man barked at me to get away. But as you can see the car is toasted like a boy scout's smore. So for the dude who owns this car: No offence but that was pretty cool.

Friday, November 18, 2005

No, I'm Not Cold Dammit!

There was a blood drive at our school today and I signed up for it. Go figure, not even I would expect me to do it but I did it. It was set for 8:45 this mornin and I went. They escorted me to one of the buses and I started getting nervous. There isn't much room in the bus but there were those bench seat like things like on the metro, for old people. They give you this one page front and back questionnaire thing to fill out. There must be some freaky people who go out for blood drives because some of those questions are pretty interesting. Lots of sexual activities one can attend that would affect his/her blood. Lucky me those weren't a problem. They weighed me and took my blood pressure. They pretty much took every precaution they can short of printing out my H.M.O. They pricked my finger and they squeezed blood out to test the iron, I had no clue what my blood floating around in a container of blue liquid means but I trust these guys. They wear blue and have name fancy I.D.s
Then they gave me some pouches, like 2, which scared me because these pouches were bigger than caprisuns, and told me to tell another staff member. They had these beds so patients can lie down while they are being drained. A guy asked me which arm I wanted, I said I didn't care, he sat me down on the left. Which meant my right arm would be stuck, that's my good one man. He strapped the arm and told me to squeeze this little plush ball thing and then he started tapping my arm, looking for the vein with the goods. When he found he unstrapped it and got down to business. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt. I wasn't crying, hell I didn't even say ow, but I'm not gonna tell you it didn't hurt. He told me to squeeze the ball every 5 seconds and went off to do something else. Now I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing, but he'd come back and put some blood from the bag into some test tubes. It took longer than I expected. I coulda read like 4-5 pages of my book while this was goin on, but reading didn't occur to me til near the end, I only got a page and a half.
Once done he pulled out the needle, put some cotton on the hole and gauzed it up. He advised me on no doing strenuous activity and asked me if I was light headed or felt cold. We were done. They directed me to the front of the bus where there would be cookies and drinks waiting. There were bags of 2 big cookies, I got the chocolate chip one and it was gooood. And I got a sprite. The guy up front asked me if I was cold or dizzy like 3 times, I kept telling him no. I understand why they asked but he explained anyway. Long explanation short, if I try and do to much I would probably faint and they wanted to know how close I was to fainting before I stepped off the bus. The class that was helping the blood drive were escorting kids to their classes afterwards. This girl named Jennifer was mine and she was nice. She carried my backpack and walked with me to the library. Although she did ask me if I felt dizzy or lightheaded. She'd hold the door for me and everything, and when we reached our destination she advised me about heavy lifting and strenuous activity and went on her way. I found afterwards I'd get tired easy. It's to be expected. And for a short while after my right hand was discolored but I asked around and they said it was normal. I felt weird all the way til I went home, but now I feel good.
I had to stay in all day, believe me, skateboarding is strenuous. But it's no biggie I don't get bored easy. I went through my day easy. Would I do it again....I don't see why not.
They also gave me a t-shirt for my good deeds :)
I dont know about you but this shirt kinda freaks me out

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Party

Alright first up. Me and Ryan were going to Chris Coleman's house to chill and so Ryan can waddle in a puddle of sorrows and alcohol. This guy didn't even have the nerve to invite me though. He called Eddie and asked him if he was commin right in front of me. So when I put my foot down he was like "Oh do you want to come?".... Anyway, Eddie didn't go so it was just me and him gettin lost in Katy lookin for Chris Cloleman's house at like 10:00 at night.
Ryan told me of a time where he just might have, maybe, drove into a KKK meeting and being black that was a most unfortunate thing to happen and didn't make he fact that we were lost any easier to swallow. So we called Chris again and got back on track. Picked him up and then was the infamous question that every young person ask when they meet up with friends "So what do you wanna do?". Ryan mentioned his yearning to waddle and Chris said he was fresh out of puddles. Are you following me?
So Chris started calling his contact to see if we could chill wit them and no one could. Jennifers name came up which is someone they both know and I've only heard of and they called her. She's at a party, ideal. We say we're commin and we're not taking no for an answer, not that she said we can't of course. It was goin down in a hotel room. We made it and I walked in and I'm not sure what ran through my mind. Given I've never been to a party like this before and I know that is was not gonna be like it's on the teenage movies where someone invites some friends to their house and 78% of the school shows up and everyone has a big crazy blast. If any of those went down I was not in that 78%. Now I was at a smaller version of that...Maybe not since it was Jen's party. Anyway, I walked in and saw smoke....Then people behind the smoke, and then empty alcohol bottles behind them. Clearing we missed he best parts if there were any. Ryan and Chris dove right in since they were familiar with some of the members, I didn't know anybody so I silently took the roll of Doorman. The hotel room door locks by it self when closed so someone needs to open it right. People were just talkin, a guy was already paced out and the only of noise was the Adult Swim on the telly. So I tried to watch that from the dark corner of the room I was in. Course, it was hard to hear over the conversations of the party animals but I use that term loosely. It was more a social gathering than a party. Chris and Ryan started taking shots with other people. Alcohol wasn't my thing. I've never had it and I'll be damned if my first time I make an ass of my self in front of people I don't know. I mean I kinda wanna come to the next one.
Soon this guy, who was already pretty drunk pulled me aside and told me this sad tale of a life story which I pretty much nodded to. I think he expected me to know of the stuff he was talkin about, but whateva. Later I work my way over from the large AC radiator thing to the bed(which wasnt a big trip). Now I've always had a theory that drunk people can be funny or assholes. This girl was one of the funny ones. Stupid funny though. She'd laid on the bed and would roll when she talks to people. When she looks up at me she almost rolls off the bed but since my leg was already at the side it caught her. Her head on my leg, she starts trying to poke me in the face. I dunno about you but I don't like to be poked in the face so I move. Whenever I moved she would laugh....Like it was funny. Her friend comes over to get her and she tries to show her how I move and her friend says "Of course he moves, he's animate" which I thought was pretty hilarious but maybe it was all the second hand smoke (keep in mind there was no weed). Later on I've seemed to work my way to the kitchen area where I discovered that Ryan and Chris were drunk. They're pretty funny too.
Later still, somehow a freestyle battle breaks out between Ryan and Mr. Sad Life Story and it was pretty good. Although no one else in the room seemed to enjoy it. Ryan freestyles pretty smoothly when he's drunk and the other guy's a spiritual and stuff. Moving deeper into the night, Sad tale bites Ryan on the neck even though Ryan protested against being bitten and it seemed to have hurt him. It was supposed to be one of those good feeling bites or somethin. We leave and that's when Chris gets all heated. Turns out Sad Tale was trying to come on to him during the party and Ryan was still pretty pissed about the whole Dracula reenactment so we turned back. They wanted to kick his ass, Chris wanted it the most. Masculinity on the line, they made a game plan. Since they can't just walk in and start wailing on the guy they decide that Chris will take him into the bathroom to talk. If they don't come out in 10 seconds Ryan would hop in and double team the poor sap. I was on car detail since I had nothing against the guy and had something against pointless violence. When Ryan goes in to the bathroom I'm supposed to start the car.
We reenter the scene and the guys pretty wasted. He couldn't even stand straight but Chris still took him into the bathroom. Ryan didn't even wait 10 seconds before knocking on the bathroom door. Chris called him off and Ryan waited outside with whatever was left at the party. Everything worked out pretty well, no blood was shed but apparently Mr. Sad Tale told a longer sadder tale to Chris than he told me. By the time we we're leaving it was a little past 5 AM. Recapping on the way to Chris house and back home to Houston we rode. Keep in mind other stuff happened at that party, but I feel these are the things worth telling....I also feel this has stretched out long enough and I'm tired of typing.
Sorry for the lack of pictures but to short notice and the fact that my camera was out of batteries I couldn't take any. I'll try to be ready next time for you guys aight.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Let there be BLOG!

I swear, the Gods of blogging are aginst me. I've been trying to write this blog on a recap of this party I went to but I never seem to have the time. I gotta go to bed soon now you know. And I also just saw House of Wax and AVP and want to give them and overview....darn it all

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Birth review

I saw the movie Birth recently and here's what I think.
The movie is incredibly slow moving, even the intro will have a question naggin at you. For me it was...aren't there supposed to be some credits to accompany this long scene...It's not funny, it's not scary, it's not violent, hell there is not even any nudity unless you count Danny Huston's butt. Whoever directed this movie liked close ups. There is this one close up on Nichole Kidman's face that has to have been about 3 minutes long. The best thing this movie offers is awkward moments and questions on your brain which sooner or later will get answered for the most part. (And potential MST3K adlib ops for your pleasure)
  • + Acting
  • - Movie's Pace
  • - Cameron Bright's weird face
  • + Cameron Bright's cool voice
  • +Weird suspense
  • -potential pedophilia
  • +Reincarnation
  • +Nicole Kidman in a tub
  • Nicole Kidman in a tub with Cameron Bright wtf?
There you have it