Friday, November 18, 2005

No, I'm Not Cold Dammit!

There was a blood drive at our school today and I signed up for it. Go figure, not even I would expect me to do it but I did it. It was set for 8:45 this mornin and I went. They escorted me to one of the buses and I started getting nervous. There isn't much room in the bus but there were those bench seat like things like on the metro, for old people. They give you this one page front and back questionnaire thing to fill out. There must be some freaky people who go out for blood drives because some of those questions are pretty interesting. Lots of sexual activities one can attend that would affect his/her blood. Lucky me those weren't a problem. They weighed me and took my blood pressure. They pretty much took every precaution they can short of printing out my H.M.O. They pricked my finger and they squeezed blood out to test the iron, I had no clue what my blood floating around in a container of blue liquid means but I trust these guys. They wear blue and have name fancy I.D.s
Then they gave me some pouches, like 2, which scared me because these pouches were bigger than caprisuns, and told me to tell another staff member. They had these beds so patients can lie down while they are being drained. A guy asked me which arm I wanted, I said I didn't care, he sat me down on the left. Which meant my right arm would be stuck, that's my good one man. He strapped the arm and told me to squeeze this little plush ball thing and then he started tapping my arm, looking for the vein with the goods. When he found he unstrapped it and got down to business. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt. I wasn't crying, hell I didn't even say ow, but I'm not gonna tell you it didn't hurt. He told me to squeeze the ball every 5 seconds and went off to do something else. Now I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing, but he'd come back and put some blood from the bag into some test tubes. It took longer than I expected. I coulda read like 4-5 pages of my book while this was goin on, but reading didn't occur to me til near the end, I only got a page and a half.
Once done he pulled out the needle, put some cotton on the hole and gauzed it up. He advised me on no doing strenuous activity and asked me if I was light headed or felt cold. We were done. They directed me to the front of the bus where there would be cookies and drinks waiting. There were bags of 2 big cookies, I got the chocolate chip one and it was gooood. And I got a sprite. The guy up front asked me if I was cold or dizzy like 3 times, I kept telling him no. I understand why they asked but he explained anyway. Long explanation short, if I try and do to much I would probably faint and they wanted to know how close I was to fainting before I stepped off the bus. The class that was helping the blood drive were escorting kids to their classes afterwards. This girl named Jennifer was mine and she was nice. She carried my backpack and walked with me to the library. Although she did ask me if I felt dizzy or lightheaded. She'd hold the door for me and everything, and when we reached our destination she advised me about heavy lifting and strenuous activity and went on her way. I found afterwards I'd get tired easy. It's to be expected. And for a short while after my right hand was discolored but I asked around and they said it was normal. I felt weird all the way til I went home, but now I feel good.
I had to stay in all day, believe me, skateboarding is strenuous. But it's no biggie I don't get bored easy. I went through my day easy. Would I do it again....I don't see why not.
They also gave me a t-shirt for my good deeds :)
I dont know about you but this shirt kinda freaks me out


Anonymous Kasey said...

Wow..that's great. you're such a good person Antoine. Seriously...*sigh* This makes me want to cry so bad.

12:39 PM  

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