Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tre Flippin Into The New Year

For those of you unfamiliar with skateboarding jargon, a tre-flip is a 360 flip which means the board does a 360 spin with a flip thrown in there. Here it is what it looks like

Yes It's a pretty mind boggling trick I still kinda down understand. Well I landed a couple just yesterday and my homies gave me props so I guess I'm doin something right. There hard, and weird but I wanna get them down even better. It is my new finishing move in skate I beat 2 people with it. Of course I cant do them over table and such....Yet :D I'll try an get them on video for you guys
As for New Years...I think I've done a good job this year so I just wanna keep on keepin on although...06 is probably gonna be the change and turning point of many things...Its one dark and blurry year I'm going into. School is ending for me, that will be my last year....
...To be continued

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How Were My Holidays?

Well since I have no photos to coat this post with I'll try to keep it short.
Me and my brother made the best damn turkey I ever ate. Meat was literally falling off the bone. You go to pick up a drumstick and half the meat on it would just fall off. It was very very good, especially for our first time making turkey.
Then there was the present exchange a.k.a. drug deal. Me, mom, and bro were gonna go exchange presents with my aunt and her kids like we usually do. First we got lost looking for my cousins apartment and then it turns out they weren't even there so we met up a Texaco for whatever reason and exchanged presents there. I swear it looked like a Holiday Drug Deal.
And then there's the Walkers, always an interesting experience when we go over their house. Mr. Walker is one of those real cool, energetic, old guys who if you talk to you forget how old he really is. We walked in on him plyin guitar, but he wasn't just playin. He was killin that thing without even trying, he's at that stage where he can play by ear and such. He's been gettin bootleg movies for 10 years and knows what he's doin. My bro came for 3 movies and ended up leavin with 32, and I sh*t you not, it did not put a dent in his collection. He said he could just reborn them because it's on the hard drive.
He made a quote about receiving multimedia files from the internet for free that made sense to me so I'll share it with you.
"Downloading from the internet is like going outside and breathin in the smell of your neighbor's BBQ, you're already out there and if its in the air you might as well breath it in."
But he doesn't sell, he knows that where the law steps in.
I got some stuff, nothin too fancy, but Moms says I can get a guitar in January. SWEET :D

Is that short enough?

You Can Dance If You Want To

A clip from a movie called Grandma's Boy
Which I think is gonna be hilarious. It's produced by Adam Sandler so you know it packs funny. It'll hit theaters on Jan 6th so go see it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Insufficient Rambles

Insufficient Rambles

My friend Kasey's blog. YOUSE A STAR NOW GURL!


My video cam is messed up. It takes distorted and discolored footage...arg. I think it's getting old. Right in the mistd of creating out skatevideo too. Oh what to do?
I haven't felt like writing lately so that stupid review or anything else might take some time to get on here....PARTY!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

AVP Review

To start things off, long rant short, the A.C.T.s sucked. They don't give you enough time to finish a section so I don't know how it is supposed to be accurate.

Geek movie
Not in a bad way, it's just one of those movies that lead to geeks high fiving during trailers and AVP commercials. I on the other hand had not seen any Alien movies or Predator movies so I wasn't so stoked about it. The movie isn't for loyal fans only anyway, anyone can understand what's going on. The Predators came to earth for another riveting game of kill that damn Alien, and humans are used as wombs so these little critters can finally grow to a age worthy enough to be slaughtered at.
The movie itself was not bad. Nothing to cheer about, not even that good of an action movie. But it's still pretty good, and that's all I have to say. GOTCHA, haha, you thought I'd have like a 5 page essay on this thing didn't you, suckers. Anyway...

  • + Not bad special effects
  • -Less than stellar cast
  • +Silly yet entertaining Alien vs. Predator fights
  • -Alien birth...up close
  • +Human playing charades with a Predator "It's a bomb!"
  • -Humans are damn near powerless to both of em, except the black chick, she was tough
  • +Predators also do tattoos
  • -The coolest predator dies...ya I said it.
So it all adds up evenly, go see it, don't, I don't care. Coming soon, House Of Wax review.

Friday, December 09, 2005

A.C.T. A Fool

I gotta take the A.C.T.s tomorrow suckers. Am I ready? Will I pass? Why should you care? I don't know but for some reason I feel good about it. I'm kinda anxious, but I know that will probably transform into it's evil twin, the bad anxiety when I have to go to the testing center tomorrow morning at 8:00 Am. I mean, if I blow it, that's $43 down the drain, and now UofH will have my bad score. Good thing is it's at Hastings, so I can just walk. I dunno when to go to sleep. How early should I wake up? What am I asking so many questions? Coming up, that AVP Review, stay tuned!