Friday, December 09, 2005

A.C.T. A Fool

I gotta take the A.C.T.s tomorrow suckers. Am I ready? Will I pass? Why should you care? I don't know but for some reason I feel good about it. I'm kinda anxious, but I know that will probably transform into it's evil twin, the bad anxiety when I have to go to the testing center tomorrow morning at 8:00 Am. I mean, if I blow it, that's $43 down the drain, and now UofH will have my bad score. Good thing is it's at Hastings, so I can just walk. I dunno when to go to sleep. How early should I wake up? What am I asking so many questions? Coming up, that AVP Review, stay tuned!


Blogger Kasey said...

Wait..did you already do it??

OOH I made a Blog!! I just gotta think of what else to do. lol.

1:11 PM  

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