Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How Were My Holidays?

Well since I have no photos to coat this post with I'll try to keep it short.
Me and my brother made the best damn turkey I ever ate. Meat was literally falling off the bone. You go to pick up a drumstick and half the meat on it would just fall off. It was very very good, especially for our first time making turkey.
Then there was the present exchange a.k.a. drug deal. Me, mom, and bro were gonna go exchange presents with my aunt and her kids like we usually do. First we got lost looking for my cousins apartment and then it turns out they weren't even there so we met up a Texaco for whatever reason and exchanged presents there. I swear it looked like a Holiday Drug Deal.
And then there's the Walkers, always an interesting experience when we go over their house. Mr. Walker is one of those real cool, energetic, old guys who if you talk to you forget how old he really is. We walked in on him plyin guitar, but he wasn't just playin. He was killin that thing without even trying, he's at that stage where he can play by ear and such. He's been gettin bootleg movies for 10 years and knows what he's doin. My bro came for 3 movies and ended up leavin with 32, and I sh*t you not, it did not put a dent in his collection. He said he could just reborn them because it's on the hard drive.
He made a quote about receiving multimedia files from the internet for free that made sense to me so I'll share it with you.
"Downloading from the internet is like going outside and breathin in the smell of your neighbor's BBQ, you're already out there and if its in the air you might as well breath it in."
But he doesn't sell, he knows that where the law steps in.
I got some stuff, nothin too fancy, but Moms says I can get a guitar in January. SWEET :D

Is that short enough?


Blogger Kasey said...

YAY!!! Wow that would have been an intersting picture..with the Texaco thing.

You made me blush big time with the rule thing. And NO it's not and their's just about 4 people have the major whatever, possibly 5..but I think it's just 4. Ok? So it's 50/50. SO HA!

2:47 PM  

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