Saturday, January 14, 2006


Alright, ya Im still here, I havent forgot bout you peeps. For the most of this month I've been chillin, Ryan had to move and Ralph moved so I back to being the only one left just like my last complex, but I dont think I'll be moving all that soon. I think my moms gonna wait til I finish High School. My year book pictures suck cuz I'm one ugly mofo, and I think I'm slowly losing contact with my fellow skaters. Especially since weed became part of their daily diet, sometimes they just cant skate unless they're high. Friggin weirdos. Not all of em, just a select few.
My A.C.T. scores came back but I had to hire a freakin Goverment Employed Decoder to read it and I still dont understand it fully. Appreantly on a scale of 1-32 I got a that good...I think it's average...but theres no real way to say...They grade you in comparison to everyone else or somethin. Either way I'm pretty sure I passed so whatever. Alright I think that's all the updates I got so far...oh the guitar date has been set at Jan.26.2006. I dont like setting dates for things cuz they have an ironic habit of changing right when you are all hyped up about.
"Dont toy with my feelings father time"


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