Thursday, February 02, 2006

Look at's sleeping

The reason I haven't been posting is pretty lame so I'll tell you anyway...I didn't have batteries for my camera...ya. Anyway, whats goin on now? Let's see, my camera is screwed for one.As you can see, some melting occured between the battery and the camera. The battery is no good now and the camera is questionable. I would still try to use them but unfortunatly, the idea of electronic objects spontaniously combusting with the fire and brimstone in my EYE makes me a little uncomfortable. Battries for this cam run about 50+ dollars so it may be quite a while before I get a new one. So what of our HCK video? No clue.
In other news, Mother came through on her promise and I have in my possesion a shiny new Fender Electric Guitar. Now Im not good at playing but I'm learning and thats the important part. Now the one and only problem I am having is that I dont have an amp. Amps run about as much as guitars and guitars arnt exactly cheap.
Now Ryan has a amp that he is not using. I asked maybe last week if I could borrow it and he said yes...I still do not have the amp. But anyway I still enjoy playing it without it, its still good.
Skateboarding news
I got one of my bushings replaced which if you know anything about the anatomy of skateboards you'll know they have 4. These 4 are supposed to work in harmony. I got one replaced with one that is completly opposite from the other 3. Its hard. Now my nose trucks are loose and my tail truck is tight which doesnt seem too bad except I have to relearn those durn tre-flips. But a good thing about today is I landed my first 50-50.


Blogger Kasey said...

*blinks* Wow...that's more skateboarding news then I've ever ...thought was possible. I think they need a Skateboard Anatomy class or something.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Cristal said...

Nice fender. Good for practicing. :P I haven't touched my guitar in several years. :(

5:12 PM  

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