Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yo Yo Yo

What it do people. I am caught in a loop so far, not much is happin but why would it be eh? Nothin happened for spring break and there is a party i didnt tell you guys about but its ok, theres not too much to tell except Ryan's a freakin idiot when he's wasted. Party's where you dont know anyone suck. Or maybe Im not social enough.
Anyway, I am looking for a job and it's harder than I thought it was. But the worst part of it is, the only reason i think i can get one is location and transportation. This side of town that I live on quite frankly is not looking for employees like me. Im not quite asian enough for a good amount of the places around here. And a kick in the face is on Memorial st. which is like 15 minutes away by car has all these now hiring signs up. I mean I counted like 6 just by driving by. Wtf.
But I dont try and get a job there because the closest bus that goes there doesnt run on weekends....What if I have to work on a weekend and my moms at work...nrhjs

Well, maybe I'll bitch about that some other time, schools gon be happinin in the morn so I best savor the last few breathes of spring break because this my last one...damn when I put it that way I wished I woulda made it more special...not that I know how...oh well.


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