Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ya I am a wuss

IceDrgn4 (2:53:46 PM): hey wanna do something for me?
jsfx88 (2:56:17 PM): what would that be
IceDrgn4 (2:56:33 PM): go to and tell me what you think
IceDrgn4 (2:57:16 PM): oh
IceDrgn4 (2:57:18 PM): wait
IceDrgn4 (2:57:21 PM): its .org
jsfx88 (3:01:13 PM): what the fuck man
jsfx88 (3:01:16 PM): thats not cool
IceDrgn4 (3:01:49 PM): what was it?
jsfx88 (3:02:36 PM): man
jsfx88 (3:02:39 PM): u suck
IceDrgn4 (3:02:45 PM): what happened?
jsfx88 (3:03:11 PM): man go find out for urself
IceDrgn4 (3:03:36 PM): i dont want to


Blogger Kasey said...

Lmfao...of course you are!!! OOh my gosh, where did that come from????

I seriously wanna know what's there ow. Seriously!! OOH MY GOSH!!!!!!

i'm sorry people talked so much that you had to punch randomly at nothing making frustrating noises.

10:19 AM  
Blogger IceDrgn4 said...

Nah s'all good now

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Cristal said...

hahaha. Harsh.

8:15 PM  

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