Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Getting Closer

Alrighty shipmates, tomorrow is graduation freakin practice. That's right, I made it bitches. I've been chillin at the crib for the last couple of school days thanks to some handy-dandy exemptions and I'm about to graduate from high school entirely.
I am sick and tired and tired and sick of school and it wasn't even that bad of a ride for me. I can't really complain. Not one fight or hideous mistake on the grades. I mean I've kept my record pretty much spotless but that's hard work too. I'm ready to put my feet up and relax for once without worrying about homework or projects or if its an A or B day. And I'll never have to worry about that again.
College doesn't really count as school because at college people dont care. You come or you dont, you get booted from class. You don't get truancy notices and calls to your parents. No detentions or sac or CLC or freakin tardy passes. No one cares if your getting your education or not, they just want to make sure you paid your tuition. Not to mention I've heard mostly good things about college life anyway.
University Of Houston is where I plan to reside for the next 4 years? But not even really reside because I can't afford dorms but I'll manage. Those dorms may suck anyway, I hear freshmen get put in a place to where there's about 30 of one gender on a floor with 1 bathroom. Do I really want to share a bathroom with 30 dudes?
Anyway, graduation is this Saturday so I guess I'll continue my rambles then.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ever try to make your own joke?

...So Pinocchio said, "Of course I have wood, I'm a real boy"

And that's all I got