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Alright I was having trouble deciding whether to do this in a relavence order or a sequencial order. I figured sequencial would be easier.
Alright, so I went to a 2-day orientaion at the University of Houston. The purpose of orientation is to get a good look around, learn about what is coming up in the fall, register for class, hear about your major, crap like that. So my brother dropped me off and it was just me and luggage on wheels to fend for ourselves. Well since I'm staying overnight I had to go register for a dorm room. There is no way anyone would take the hour drive(in light traffic) and go back for the 2-3 hour drive(regular traffic) when they could just stay over night. I brought my camera...for the memories and snapped on random picture on the way.
Yes, this campus has a lot of greenery but I figured what campus doesn't...(HCC, I'm lookin at you) Oh and the campus is big. I mean huge. I tried to keep to my area, if I went exploring I might have gotten lost. I almost did on the way to dorm registration but I was luckly pointed in the right direction by a fellow...orientee? I call em that I guess.
Registered, was given a card and a key. Fancy high security doors on the from of the dorm need a card to get in and a key to get into your auto-locking room. My dorm was called Taub, and it was right across from the registration building.
That's it right there. Well its the back of it but whatever. I had a first floor room in the first hall you see. Things are going pretty smoothly. So I go in and find my dorm room. Open it up and find this.(Well the luggage was mine)
2 beds, 2 desk, and a dresser. That's it that was in the room...if you dont count the big pipe going through the ceiling. it was a sprinkler system I believe. There was a big walkin closet, a door by the bed you see the next dormroom and 1 bathroom for the 2 dorms. Which is actually a pretty good deal considering freshmen usually start in this place called moody towers which has like 30 dormrooms on a floor and 1 bathroom for that floor. Ew. 2 beds, indicate a roomate who wasn't there. He'll make his appearance later. That's it, after my small exploration I put my stuff down and left for the actual registration.
It went down at the University center which is basically the heart of UofH. I discovered that is roughly a 10 minute walk from my dorm to the university center, and my dorms actually pretty close. It's a big campus. I'll make the boring parts short. We got in lines according to last names and went through a room where they us a booklet full of crap and name tags. We were told to go to rooms that were on the sticker on the booklet. These rooms are where would meet our small group leaders and our small groups are a bunch of other kids who have a similar major. Mine was engineering so I got put in an engineering group. Our leader was this guy named Junius and the whole meeting was chill. He wasn't a teacher or anything, I'm pretty sure he was a student who was working for the campus. But ya chilled meeting, there plenty of laughs and stuff. Then we went to a real meeting where they'd talk to the whole orientation...or should I say, all the orientees. That was boring. I was nodding off constanly but I was in the front row(not by choice) so I had to keep it together. So I started drawing on my folder I brought. As the meeting broke off I saw my first blast from the past. A girl named Myrell and her boyfriend...whats-his-face I dunno. But they both went to my school. We chit-chatted a bit then we had to go. I never saw them again.
So much for short. I need another picture here. Ahh perfect, lunchtime. At the meeting we learned that our card for the fancy smacy security door also doubles as a bit of a debit card. The school put $22 dollars on it and we could spend it at certain places. Mostly the food court. There I find a corner store, a cafe', a Wendy's, a Subway, and a Chick-Fil-a. Wow. Not only that but I also found lines around the corner. But I was hungry so I got in line and made my order. Tables were already full and so were the couches so I went outside. Those tables were full but there was a free bench. I took my seat and was about to open my bag and dig in. Next thing in know this dollface comes outa nowhere and askes me if I would like to come sit at her table. I looked where she pointed and it was full of girls. I was skeptical. I'm not the type of guy crap like this happens to. I declined, but then she took my bag and left me with only a drink. She said if you want it back you'd have to come sit with us and left for her table. Assesing my options i decided what the hell. I went and took the seat she had reserved for me. Then she told the table a condesned version of her life story and how now she doesn't like to see people eat by themselves. How she got me was basically how she got all the other girls at the table. This is them-> That guy came outa of nowhere just for the picture. Dollface is the one in the pink and her name is Whitney. Any apperently I was a little late with my lunch because the girls were already done when I was half-way through my ultimate bacon combo and they wanted to leave. Whitney ordered me to sit with the girl at the next table. Aye-aye cap'n. So they left and me the girl got better aquainted. Her name is Marie. She was cool and very friendly to a weirdo like me.
<- And thats her. We parted ways later. Alright that's all I feel like doing for now, part 2 later.
Aight chumps.


Blogger Kasey said...

That's a good pre-college day. woooww.

You met a dollface, almost fell asleep on your notebook, and got acquanted with a girl named Marie.

Pretty snazzy. Of course you never mentioned your room-mate.

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