Saturday, June 03, 2006

Outa The Pampers

(my buddy Jimbo on the left and me on the right)
Yes yes, I know I know. All of you are dying to here about my graduation experience. And by all of you, I mean...the one person that reads this...sometimes...half-heartily...Anyway, I did graduate. Was it the best moment of my life? ...meh. I mean, one of the highlights of my day was that I learned to tie a tie. I had to dress all fancy for some reason...we wear gowns over the clothes so I dont completely get it but whatever. And what's the deal with those hats. I mean who says,
"These kids are made it out of school and they should have something smart and dapper to adorn their heads with. Take that cardboard square and make it attachable to the head. There, done. I'm off to lunch"
It was cool finding my homies in the HUMONGOUS ROOM before we make our way into the main area and we talked like it was just another day. Except, more graduation jokes.
My graduation class was over 700 people big and I had 12 people behind me. You see, they ordered us by last names and mine starts with a W. Bah. So it took forever to do anything and to top it all off. What's the icing on the cake? What's the mocking pinata at the party? What's the drunk man at your baptism? They said my name wrong. VERY WRONG. First and the last part of my last name. (You see I got a hyphenated last name so its like 2 names and ya)
We got it on tape so I can relive it everytime, how great.

Then later that evening, My buddy Steve invites me over to celebrate. And I popped the top on my first bottle of booze. By the end of the night I had 5 empty bottles to my name and he was smashed. I was alright, I could walk straight and everything, which was good news to me cuz I was worried I might be one of those people who cant hold their alcohol. Not that I plan of doing it like crazy, the stuff was Budweiser and tasted like crap but its more of an overcomed challenge feeling combined with for my information. So where have I been for the last week. Well here and there. Nothin too special. Steve invited me over to more times, each time we were busting tops off of cans and he was determined to get me drunk so when we played drinking games we had to chug half the can. I did that with 3 cans and was still cool, and I also finished a 4th. Again, just good to know, I wasn't tryin to get drunk myself.

So in conclusion. I'm a big boy now....well almost.


Blogger Kasey said...

ooooh I'm sorry I didn't read this earlier oooh my gosh. That's Insane!!

Sorry about your name being said least they didn't say your first name wrong right?? Or did they?

Ahh...the first drink. I remember that day, tasted like crap. Champagne tastes good though..of course I'm not a drunk bro, just like you. I'm going to talk with you later. And you are going to be..all graduationy.

ooh my gosh. That's awful!

11:08 AM  

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