Monday, July 17, 2006

So, what's new with you?

sgjlkdng and wut is up? Sorry for the lack of stuff(like its anything new) but I've been workin extra hard on trying to get a job for like the past 2 weeks and I think it might just have paid off. I believe that I have been hired at Target, I'm just waitin for the call to tell me when to go to orientation. As for my stupid UH Orientation story, well I could finish it, theres really not much left to say but gotta finish what I start right?(before I forget completely what happened the next day)

Ok where was I? Ahh, the dorm door. Ok, after departing my peers I stood in front of my dorm room door at 11:30 at night. I slid my key in and entered. Dark room. I flicked on the light and there is my fabled room mate, sleeping on his bed. As much as I didn't want to disturb his slumber, I still wanted to sneak in a shower before hitting the hay. My were in my luggage so I tried tip-toeing over to it and of course, the floor creaks with every step.
I don't know how many times anyone of you have been through a time where you must complete an activity while being as silent as possible but that is the time where everything is the loudest. And that is the time where you drop the hardest stuff on the hardest surfaces that you never would have dropped in an average situation.
But anyway, I try to be as quiet as I can while unzipping my luggage and picking and choosing what is needed and what is not and of course he wakes up. I forgot what he said to me...or what I replied with but I assure you it was friendly. Now the shower sucked. I got in and turned it on, and waited for it to heat up. Soon I hop in...ICE COLD. I much have hit the wrong knob, turn that one off and the other one on...ICE COLD. I was confused and disgruntled. I tried different variations and combinations yet the answer remained the same. I figured forget it, and took it a man. Just one night right.
Walk out, put stuff back into luggage and hit the light switch. Fumble around in the dark for my bed, grabbed my mp3 player and headed off to a musical dreamland....ok not that smooth. I usually dont go to sleep at 12 at night so I stayed awake until like 1:20 then drifted off.
Oh ya, I remember one thing he asked me. "I got the alarm set for 6:15, is that cool?" I told him "Yeah".
His alarm wakes me up and it must have rung for about 5 minutes before he turned it off. It was one of the most annoying alarms I have ever heard, and louder than a bitch with sore feet. It must have rang through the walls to other dorms. I contemplated walking over there and ripping it outa it's and was about to do it too. I sat up in bed when he hit the button of silent peace.
he took a shower, I changed clothes and we left for breakfast. This is the first and last time I actually had a conversation with my temporary room mate. We talked on the way to the University building or whatever. He seemed like an ok guy. We talked about our majors, how we liked the school and the fact that he saw Jorge in Gladiator mode last night in the game room. Then we split.
Damn, my story's lame yet it tires me to write it right now. So, to be continued...

Sunday, July 09, 2006