Friday, August 11, 2006

You get a job!

Jeez, you'd think a person as boring as me would able to keep up with a simple blog. Ok happenings.
I gotz mes a job. Target is my place of business. And now I can complain about busting my hump, workin for the man, and how those damn kids are too noisy at night. Actually Target isn't that bad and there's no point in complaining about something you got yourself into anyway. First I was working flow which is the crew that gets to work at 3:30 in the morn, getting boxes off the trucks, moving them to the floor, ripping them open, and putting them on the shelves. I was doing the shelf work the first coupla days and let me tell, it's not as easy as it sounds. Many boxes with many items vs 1 boxcutter and you in 4 am mode. Then I got to work the backroom area. Taking boxes off the belt and stacking which is surprisingly hard when you other team mate who is supposed to be working on your side disappears every so often and the boxes are starting to be stacked higher than you are. It's kinda like real life tetris, execpt the boxes don't vanish when you do it right...they just keep piling.
Our shift would end between 9:45 and 11:30 depending on if it was a good day or not. 15 minute breaks were in action and 30 minute lunch breaks if you work more than 6 hours. The store opens at 8 which is when everythongs supposed to be on the shelf but it never is, we have to move the boxes to the back of the aisles and keep working. When working at Target you must help a customer(or as we call em "guest") if you can help them find something, even if you don't know where it is. My first day on the job a lady asked me "Roach Spray"..............I'm sorry I don't know, I had been working all morning yet I had not seen the roach spray. She looked like she was about to go into a rant about Target employees when I inputed "It's my first day on the job" so she says "Oh ok, I'll give you a break then" bullet dodged there. It doesn't fail, throughout my working days, people continue to ask me about things that I have no clue where they are. There was even one incident where a couple asked where the hairdryers were. The first sign the caught my eye was small electronics. I did the math in my head, hairdryers are small and electric so I went with it. The man gave me an odd look, he said "Are you sure, I thought they'd be in the cosmetics aisle" and somewhere during this dialough his female partner had gotten past me with ninja like speed and told her mate that she had discovered them. They were in the aisle right behind me marked hairdryers....hmm. Well anyway, one day they came to me and had said that they had made a mistake. Due to my age, it is not legal for me to be working the hours that the flow team works. So they move me to carts, which sucks in comparison. Now I'm the guy who gets the carts outa their oversized parking lot. Houston heat is a humid bitch.
Ok enough talk about work. Now that I'm making my own money I've been wanting to buy pricy toys, I knew it would happen and I said bring it. My first big buy was a pair of shoes because I got sick of having to put ducktape(that never stays) over the holes of my old pair. And I think I made it worthwile. They are shoes I like, that I got from a skateboard shop, on sale. Who knows the value of a dollar. But that was child's play. For my next money disappearing act it shall either go towards a new processer for my dinosaur of a computer or one of those sketchy yet sexy and completly alluring XBOX 360. If I go for the processer it's run me about $160 if I go for the XBOX360 I have to get the $399 bundle because well...the $299 is just stupid. And if I go for the XBOX360 I gotta hawk my XBOX and get the memory from one system to the other.
But enough of what has been and what might be. I currently spend my days hanging with my friends, playing RETROMUD, Age Of Empires 3, watching anime, and learning to read music for guitars(not tabs, the real thing). I need to draw more though. I don't know how people get bored, honestly.


Blogger Kasey said...

Hey A,

I think you should buy one of those sketchpads for your computer so you don't have to scan them..unless you already have one. You know what I'm talkinga bout right? You just draw them on the computer, that way you can keep up with your comics etc. Isn;t that cool??

Of course you probably already got it *rolls eyes*. Seems you're having a little bit of fun on your job, I have to get one of those some of these days.


7:24 PM  
Blogger IceDrgn4 said...

Oddly enough I do have a sketchpad like that but it doesnt beat pencil to paper for please

8:32 AM  
Blogger Kasey said...

It's better than nothing isn't it?? RIGHT?!

Ooh I feel like barfing.

4:34 PM  

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