Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Face Kick B!tch!

Title means nothin but yo. I got some new toys so I've been keeping busy, quite busy. I didnt want to post here til I had some pics and I finally was able to get em up sooo. First up...
New Comp. This is what took up quite a number of days. I'm not used to having a completly new computer and had to download tons of crap to it to get it remotley close to comfortable. Moving files from my old CPU and I see nessary though I left all my pictures and home videos on the other. I want this to be a fresh start.
XPS model btw. It's sexy.

It came with this equally sexy flat-screen monitor.
Much props to mother for the splendiferous birthday present.

Next we got the thing thats been taking most of my time as of late. My lovely XBOX 360 which I bought with my own hard earned money. And boy is this thing a box of fun. Everything you loved about the old xbox (minus the old infinante hard drive space) and more. Tons of downloadable games, videos, and content. The ability to stream music and videos from portable devices and computers, Xbox Live is more inviting than ever, and some thing that is going to keep me coming back, Achievment awards. Meaning somethings you do in games will get you an award and points that others may see while viewing your gamer card. I just gotta get em all, thats how I am.
And of course I got the premium package because the other deal is just stupid. So it also came with 12-months of XBOX LIVE Gold, 20 Gb harddrive, a wireless controller, ethernet cable(that's long as hell), and a headset. It is truly a beautiful thing. I get to download demos of games coming out and play them while listening to my music off of my mp3 player. Then when I'm done with that I can stream of movie that I downloaded from my computer to my TV. PS3 better be as good as people are making it out to be. Even though I'm not buying it when its like $600 no matter how good it is.
Other than that life is good. I'm working on hoping on the next Drivers Ed class and seeing where I go from there. I pretty much have a big gap in my plans between Drivers Ed and College next year. I'm curious to know what's gonna happen.
But anyway I would like to leave on this awesome note that you check out this video and have your gaming brain explode in its complexity and amazement.