Monday, March 19, 2007

My Soundtrack


So ... what you do .. open your music player (Limewire, Ares, Kazaa, iTunes, whatever) and put it on shuffle. For each category, hit next .. and put the first song that starts playing! Don't cheat, it's actually kind of weird!

Opening credits: " Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by the Flaming Lips.

Waking up: " What They Do " by The Roots.

Average day: " Clocks " by Coldplay.

First date: " Get Throwed " by Bun B.

Falling in love: " Still Don't Give A Fuck " by Eminem.

Fight scene: " Tara Reid is a Whore " by Head Automatica.

Breaking up: " How You Gonna Act Like That " by Tyrese.

Getting back together: " Resolve " by Foo Fighters.

Secret love: " I'll Do Anything " by Jason Mraz.

Life's okay: " Better Together " by Jack Johnson.

Mental breakdown: " Eat The Sun " by Mars Volta.

Driving: " I Get High" by Talib Kwali.

Learning a lesson: " Pink and Blue" by Andre 3000.

Deep thought: " Red Morning Light " by Kings of Leon.

Flashback: " The Next Time You Go " by Eugene Edwards.

Partying: " March for Koala " by Yoko Kanno

Happy dance: " Rock City " by Royce do 5'9.

Regretting: " Paranoia " by Harvey Danger.

Long night alone: " Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See " by Busta Rhymes.

Death scene: " Ill Vibe " by Busta Rhymes.

It didn't start out too good but the middle was better, then it fell off again on the end...must make an interesting movie


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