Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Scraps

Forecast: Uncertain
Like the eye of a storm
Or the beauty of disaster
We break up to make up
It’ll never be ever after
The love to hate
Is stronger then to love of lust
We’ve always had our hearts
But never held our trust
Why do we light the flame
In windy weather?
We both know
We weren’t meant to be together
I can’t figure you’re ploy
The reason escapes me
But I’m still with you
Cause you’re so sexy

A Haiku about Me and You

Babe, we’ve lasted long
But I think we are done here
Cause now you bore me

The Antoine verse

Automatically animated amid additional abstraction
Naturally neutral not negative non-actions
To tower towards titillating tragic translations
Ode on obscure open-ended obligations
Into innovative insecure introspects
Negating negotiations now, never, nor next
Enter endings electronically enunciate expressed


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